The Heretic

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A few nights ago my wife and I watched the documentary on Rob Bell called The Heretic. It was a good look at Bell during and after the fall out from his book Love Wins. As I have mentioned previously, Bell is perhaps the single biggest influence in my deconstruction. Watching this film brought back many of the feelings I had as I went through my deconstruction stages. A friend of Bell’s, comedian Pete Holmes, explains in rather blue language many of the stages former fundementalists go through in coping with their loss of faith. It rang so true for my wife and I.

One of the interesting things about Bell is his nonstop energy and drive for knowledge and understanding of the big questions in life. His Everything Is Spiritual talk is fascinating and thought provoking. At this stage of my life I have no answers to the questions, although I do know what I don’t believe anymore. But I’m at peace with that, as Bell seems to be.

If your interested in the questions Bell raises, or that I do for that matter, I recommend watching this documentary. If you have heard of Rob Bell but don’t know what the fuss is about, I recommend this film. If you have questions and you wonder if your the only one having them, again, watch this film. If all you’ve heard is second hand talk about who and what Bell is, watch the film. It’s always best to get info first hand.

I’ll be watching this again soon, and using it to better lay out the questions, stages, etc. that led me to the place I am now, and will share them here.



Author: marvborst

Artist, photographer, truth seeker

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