Starting the Journey

Well here we go. I have occasionally thought about doing a blog over the years, I’m sure many of you have too. Honestly, this time I have just rushed into it, deciding to do it. So this will be a work in progress as I figure out what I want to write, post, create here. I plan on writing about some specific themes, themes that are important in my life like art, music, photography, faith, memories, family, friends. I will be looking for feedback from any wayward souls who have stumbled into here by design or accident. I’m purposely avoiding politics with this blog. Why? Because I feel that area is so toxic right now, we could get way off course. I’m not afraid to tell you where I stand politically. In fact let’s get that out of the way once and for all, and move on. I’ve been a registered, voting Republican since the age of 18. I voted republican in every election until 2016. I no longer view things through the same lens as the GOP. I would describe my current leanings as Independent/liberal. So there you have it. Let’s move on.

A little more about me. I’m 57, I make my living as a graphic designer, I’m married with three adult children. I’m a failed artist, we’ll talk about that in later posts. I’m an amateur  photographer. I love music, but I’m not a good musician. I have recently had a bout with cancer. We’ll talk about that in a later post. I’m a spiritual traveler, having recently “deconstructed” from my past beliefs. We’ll talk a lot about that. I’m very nostalgic, ask my wife, I drive her crazy with my looking back! I’m hoping for feedback here, and I suspect my thoughts on faith will bring that.

So join me, let’s have some fun!



Author: marvborst

Artist, photographer, truth seeker

5 thoughts on “Starting the Journey”

  1. I love your honesty and look forward to reading your blog. I, too, have changed socially, spirituality, relationally, and most of all, personally. My journey has demanded that I change and I fought it for a long time. Then I hit a bottom, found a loving God, rearranged my thinking and actions, and I no longer look back. I can only try to live in the moment. That’s my experience, strength, and hope.

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    1. Hope your doing ok physically. I try to give space on what you’re going thru, based on my own experience, but I’m thinking of you. I hope to have fun with the blog, and be honest, and hopefully not lose too many friends in the process!


  2. Good for you Marv. Your blog looks much better than mine but I’m not jealous…lol…… ok maybe a little…. All I have to say at this point is CARRY ON MY WAYWARD SON THE’LL BE PEACE WHEN YOU ARE DONE LAY YOUR WEARY HEAD TO REST DON’T YOU CRY NO MORE!! Sorry I have to do it! Hey you never know Kerry might see your blog someday. Hey I wrote a letter to Robert Plant that he’ll probably never read… but who knows. 🙂

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  3. Sometimes looking forward,is harder than looking back. The future seems uncertain, the past is set in stone. All your paintings are beautifull,and your ink work. How you make pictures with dots is amazing. It’s like a tattoo on paper. Have not seen one in a while like 25 years but I still remember how cool they are. I had many school textbooks with dots on them because I was trying to figure out how you did that.! I hope there is peace when we are done, can we be done yet?

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